Question about Traveling. What do you personally prefer, Travel Solo or Travel with friends and family?

I asked the above question on some social media traveling-related groups and pages and got some responses. I can’t believe that maximum people love to travel solo. Some of them don’t even like to travel with friends and family. Here I will show you their answers and also explain my personal opinion.


Solo travel

Jeff Kirk: I usually prefer to travel solo. But that’s mainly because I like to focus deeply on my surroundings when visiting interesting places.
Nikhil Kalwani: I personally prefer traveling alone though, it’s quite inspiring. You go on a trip alone but you end up making many new friends. 
Mag Aru: My way solo can’t be pleasing for their comfort
Katalin Andrea K: Solo…. Then I do not miss any detail
Jose Anderson: I like to travel solo and explore new places on my own. I prefer to plan according to me and meet people along the way.
Danny Stone: I enjoy traveling alone because I can do as I please, come and go as I wish, and make new friends along the way
Angela Joyce: Solo travel for me
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Travel with friends and family

Shilpa: With some crazy friends
Kumaresh Das: My personal preference is (most of the time) traveling with “like-minded” friends, who share the same mood and taste
Dusty Sonny: At least one like-minded friend, so it becomes a fun journey.
Deutsch Amerikaner: Definitely with a friend! It’s way safer to travel with a friend, not to mention cheaper and more fun in general.
Luka Petesic: Well I like to travel with my Mother
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Reasons why people love to travel Solo

Solo travelers are like birds. They can go for travel at any time, and don’t need to wait for others. Also, they can visit anywhere they want to. If you travel with friends or family then you can’t enjoy everything that you want. Sometimes they will frustrate you. There have many spots that you like most but they don’t.

Traveling alone gives you the exposure to talk to different people, know about different places and travel according to your interest. Moreover, you don’t have to depend on anyone.

Reasons why people love to travel with friends and family

Sometimes, traveling with friends and family is better than solo. You can instantly share your feelings with them. You will feel safe and get support. Also, stay with your friends, hang out with them, spend a good time with them, divide payments and have contributions to Uber rides.

What I like most

Definitely, I would love to travel solo. Because I want to be free from taking care of others, feel nature, and want to get lost in nature. Although it’s a bit dangerous, I use some techniques to be safe. You can read my solo traveling tips.

I mostly like to travel solo, but sometimes I travel with friends and my family. Generally for one or two days trip. It’s also fun.

So, It depends on you which one you prefer. It depends on the place where you want to go and also your experience and time. Please tell us, which one do you prefer?

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