Here are some useful German phrases for travelers to memorize before making a trip to Germany. Every day you need to use these phrases during your trip. Here You can learn basic German in English words. This is a different way of learning foreign languages.

Useful German phrases for travelers. Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

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Useful German phrases for travelers

  1. Hello!, Hi! – Hallo!
  2. Ok – Ok
  3. I (ich) – ish
  4. Me (Mir) – Mia
  5. Yes (Ja) – Yea
  6. No (Nein) – Nine
  7. Thank You (Danke) – Tanke
  8. Please – Bitte
  9. I am from Japan – ish komme aus Japan
  10. Can you speak English? (Sprechen Sie Englisch?) – Spreshen ji English?
  11. My name is Smith (Mein Name ist Smith) – My namee ist _____
  12. Sorry – Es tut un sleid
  13. I have to go – Ish muss los
  14. Can you speak slowly? (Kannst du langsam sprechen?) – Khanns du langsam spreshen?
  15. I don’t understand (Ich verstehe nicht) – ish phestie nisht

Basic German Phrases for Questions

Sometimes you need to ask locals to know about places or, something else then you will need to use those words.

  1. Where? – Wo?
  2. What? – Was?
  3. When? – Wann?
  4. How? – Wie?
  5. Why? – Wieso den?
  6. How much? (Wie viel?) – Wie phiel?
  7. Where is ___ ? – Wo ist____?

Most Used German Words

  1. Resort – Erholungsort
  2. Bus – Bus
  3. Train – Zug
  4. Restaurant (Restaurant) – Restaugang
  5. Bathroom (Badezimmer) – Badezzimma
  6. Water (Wasser) – Wassa
  7. Hospital – Krankenhaus
  8. Fine (fein) – fine
  9. Station – Bahnhof
  10. Boat – Boot
  11. Home (Heim) – Haim
  12. Sugar (Zucker) – Zucka
  13. Price (Preis) – Price
  14. Like – Wie
  15. Love – Liebe

Most used German pronouns

  1. You – Du
  2. He/ She (Er) – Ea
  3. They – Sie
  4. We (Wir) – Wea

Emergency German Phrases for Travelers

Those German phrases will help you during emergencies. If you stay in an area where you may not find anyone who knows English, you may face trouble. At this time, these phrases will help you to communicate with others.

  1. Where is the police station? (Wo ist die Polizei Station?) – Wo ist die polizzai stachion
  2. Where is the hospital? – Wo ist das Krankenhaus?
  3. I’m lost (Ich bin verloren) – ish bin phelogan
  4. Can you help me? Please! – Kannst du mea helfen? Bitte!
  5. I’m in trouble (Ich bin in Schwierigkeiten) – ish bin in shwigishkaiten
  6. I need to go to_____ (Ich muss gehen___) – Ish moss giin___
  7. I need to go home (ich muss nach Hause) – Ish moos mah Hausee

Other German phrases to know

  1. I can eat spicily (Ich kann scharf essen) – Ish kann sharf essen
  2. I can’t eat spicily (Ich kann nicht scharf essen) – Ish kann nisht sharf essen
  3. I like it – ish mag das
  4. I don’t like it (Ich mag es nicht) – Ish mag es nisht
  5. That’s expensive (Das ist teuer) – Das ist toia
  6. Can you lower the price? (Könnten Sie mit dem Preis etwas runter gehen?) – Khlon nten jie mit dem Price etwas honta geen?

Memorize those German phrases before making a trip to Germany. I think in this way you all can quickly learn foreign languages. That’s why I use this method on my blogs.

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