A women Traveling abroad. Easily learn the basic phrases with the pronunciation of your favorite destination
Photo by Steven Lewis on Unsplash

If you want to travel abroad or always travel abroad, This post is for you!

When we travel to another country, we need to communicate with others. But, if we don’t know the basic phrases of their language, then we have to face critical situations.

Maybe you are thinking that you can easily learn some basic phrases with the help of traveling Websites or YouTube. But how do you pronounce? Now I’m telling you everything. Please follow the steps.

Steps for Easily learn the basic phrases

1) visit https://translate.google.com/

2) Select Your language from the first box

3) Select your destination language from the second box

4) Type what you want to know in your language in the first box. You will get the answer in the second box.

5) Click the “Listen” icon to listen to the pronunciation.

Ok. In this method, you can translate any word, phrase, sentence, or even a whole paragraph. Also, you can correctly pronounce. So, now you can learn basic phrases with the pronunciation of your destination.

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