I’m a traveler, and I would love to explore the world. It’s my dream. I traveled to many places and got numerous experiences and faced various problems while traveling. If you want to avoid problems and be safe while traveling, here are some essential travel tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling.

50 things every travelers should know

1. Pick the right season to go

The season is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind when you want to go out for a trip. You may not see your desired things in the wrong season, like Waterfall. Also, you have to pack everything according to the season. That’s why you need to pick the right season.

2. Take all your documents like VISA, Passport, ID Card

You have to triple-check your all-important documents and keep them safe. You can use this organizer to keep your documents safe and organized.

3. Make extra copies of your passport and other important documents

Documents are the most important things for travelers. If you lost original documents, you have to use backup copies. Otherwise, you will face trouble. So, make sure you have copies of all your documents on other bags and also take photos of your all documents on your smartphone to use in emergencies.

4. Know the visa requirements

Every visa has different conditions and policies. Carefully check everything, don’t miss anything.

5. Learn about the location by searching on google

Every location has some specialties. Maybe you don’t know everything. So If you search on google, you will get all information about the place. That will help you to boost your enjoyment and also keep you safe from trouble.

6. Buy space-saving travel accessories and an organizer

When we go out for a long trip, we need to carry many things like Clothes, Shoes, Documents, Chargers, Electronics, and Other Accessories. Carrying bags is not that easy. That’s why you need to buy space-saving travel accessories and also organizers to organize your stuff. Here is a list of some space-saving accessories and organizers.

7. Take pain killer

Almost everyone has a migraine problem. When we face traffic noise or sunshine, it begins. You all know the migraine problem will ruin your enjoyment. So, my suggestion is to take pain killer with you.

8. Ask old men or government employees for direction

If you want to know anything about the location, try asking old Men or any Government employee. They know almost everything about their place, and also most of them are good. Government employees won’t harm you.

Solo Travel Tips

9. Use Google map

Search your destination on Google Maps and save it on your phone. So that, if you lost your data connection, you can use offline maps.

10. Share your location with your friends or your family member

If you share your GPS location from Google Maps with your wife, son, or daughter who travels with you. Then you all can easily know other’s locations. If someone is separate, then others can know him/her location. He/She also can know other’s locations.

11. Keep some dry food with you

Taking dry foods is most important when you go for a family or solo trip. It helps me a lot. I always take dry foods with me for emergencies.

12. Think about Festivals

Some countries have special festivals. You can plan your trip at the same time to boost your enjoyment.

13. If you are not solo then go with like-minded friends

Some like nature, some like new places and some like parks and museums. You need to go with the right person. Otherwise, some of your group members will ruin your enjoyment and also don’t take boring people with you.

14. Before selecting the location or hostel, please check the reviews

It’s very important to check reviews on Google. Google Maps has reviews of almost every place in the world, and reviews are provided by visitors who visited the location. So, check some reviews and learn more information about the location or hotel.

15. Booking in advance might be cheaper

Instant booking is always expensive. So book 2 or 3 months earlier to get discounts.

16. Spend more time in fewer places

Spending more time in fewer places will help you to save money and help you to enjoy the place, its people, and the landscapes. Also, you can learn more about the place and get some time to relax.

17. Use public transport

Public transport will be not only cheaper, but you get to live a little like a local and know more information from others

18. Cycle if you can, or try using your feet

If you want to enjoy the place and visit everywhere in the place then you have to use your feet or use a cycle. It is so much better and you will get time to enjoy places and landscapes.

19. Plan with Morning, Evening, and Nighttime

Some places will look beautiful in Morning but some will at Night. So, plan before the visit.

20. If you are in cheap price

Don’t waste your money by purchasing expensive accessories and also try to eat cheap prices food.

21. Eat healthy foods to enjoy your trip

Healthy foods will boost your energy and you can enjoy the place. If you eat unhealthy foods maybe you need to go to the washroom frequently.

22. Drink lemon juice and eat cucumber

Lemon juice and cucumber will keep your brain cool on sunny days and freshen up your mind. I always drink lemon juice before leaving home on sunny days.

23. Have a look at weather forecasts and fill your backpack accordingly

You have to pack your cloth and accessories according to the weather to avoid trouble.

24. Stay on budget but not too much

Trying to save money is good but not too much. If you try to save money and buy normal food, you will get to go to the hospital.

25. Take comfortable Cloth and Shoes with you

You are going to travel to enjoy the landscape, not to show up. So, please keep comfortable clothes with you.

26. Eat like the locals

Eat like locals to mingle with them. I found this funny, and it is a unique experience. They regret it when I come home and tell them about my experience with the food.

27. Try to behave like locals

It’s really fun. You can mix up with them and experience some new activities that will be memorable.

28. Know about religion and must their roles

This is very important. Before visiting any country or any area, please research their religion to avoid trouble. Dress well. You can read my International trip blogs to know more about a country.

Tips for solo Travelers

29. Pick up tips from other travelers

You can pick up tips from other travelers. But, don’t be put off from visiting somewhere just because they didn’t like it though. Cause we’re all different! Review is most important everyone know. But sometimes Park lover goes to visit natural places and they place the lowest review.

30. Keep your cash in different places while traveling

What if, you lost your moneybag? Always keep your money in 2+ places like your moneybag, pockets, backpack, etc.

31. Turn off data roaming and use hostel Wi-Fi

Hostel Wi-Fi is more speedy and you can save your money and data.

32. If you get lost ………

Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. People are friendlier than you think, and in most cities, you’ll find a tourist information spot. Also, you can use a mobile GPS or buy a GPS Navigator.

33. Be a conversation starter

Don’t be shy. When you travel, it’s so many faster-making friends than in real life! Also, it is fun to talk to local people.

34. Respect local customs and dress appropriately, always!

For religious views, you may need to wear some specific costumes.

35. If you visit other countries, Inform your bank

If you don’t inform the bank, then they can block your transactions. They always track transactions. If they have found any unusual activities, they may block your transactions.

36. Use google translate and memorize some important Key Phrases in the Local Language. Like

I am from _
How do I find the train/metro/bus?
Where is the bathroom?
Can you direct me?
Where is?
I’m lost.
Thank you!
Do you speak English? etc.

This article will help you to learn basic phrases

37. Keep local tourist police contact number

Almost every tourist spots have a tourist police. To be safe, You have to keep their contact number and tell them where you will visit.

38. Check out Laws and Punishments that may differ from your home country

Every country has different roles. So you need to know their roles before visiting their country.

39. Pack:

– Passport
– Cloth
– Phone charger/portable phone charger
– Flip flops (for the hostel bathrooms)
– Water bottle
– Socks
– Underwear
– Sun cream
– Medicines/painkillers
– Waterproof mac
– Walking shoes
– Toothbrush
– Any paperwork you may need

40. Check then take your camera and its equipment

Always check your camera and its equipment before leaving home. Also, check the Battery, Memory Card, and Charger. Before packing, click some photos and check if everything ok or not. That is what I always do.

41. Take first aid kits with you

The most important thing one should have during a trip is the first aid box for the worst-case scenario. Small First Aid Box (Paracetamol, Handyplast, small pack of Dettol or Savlon, Cotton, Bandages, Pudin Hara, Anti-Flu tabs, Cipladine, Moov, and Avil).

You can buy this First Aid Kit

42. Take a scarf with a hidden zipper pocket

If you are female this scarf will help you to keep your money, mobile, passport, or other important things safe. You can buy one from here.

43. Buy a backpack/suitcase

Buy a waterproof backpack/suitcase and make sure you can pack everything you need.

44. Take an extra bank card and credit card with you

Sometimes banks block your card and also if you lost your card extra card will help you.

45. Ask hostel staff for information — even when you aren’t staying there

The hotel staff knows everything about the destination and they will tell you the truth.

46. Never eat in a touristy area or near a tourist attraction

This will cost more and You will not get delicious food.

47. Pre-book your tickets to attractions

If you want to save your money please try to complete your booking before 1-2 months.

48. Get travel insurance

Travel Insurance covers risks during travel such as loss of passport and personal belonging cover, loss of checked-in baggage, etc. Having these risks covered ensures an additional layer of protection against financial loss.

49. Avoid taxis

They are always budget boosters. Never, ever take a taxi unless you absolutely have to!

50. Keep a smile on your face when you want to ask any questions to locals

A smile can easily make others mod and also connect with others

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