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Want to travel the world? But the budget is low?

In this article, I will talk about some cheapest countries where you can travel with very little money. But, still enjoy more than other expensive countries. There are many countries in the world, which are very beautiful but still cheap.

1. Vietnam, $30/day

Hạ Long, Vietnam | Photo by Ammie Ngo on Unsplash

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas, and bustling cities. Everything is cheap in Vietnam. You will find for $10 a bed in a decent hostel in the bigger cities, Foods for $8. Vietnam is extremely cheap.

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

1) Halong Bay; 2) Ho Chi Minh City; 3) Hue; 4) Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park; 5) My Son; 6) Hoi An; 7) Sapa Countryside; 8) Hanoi; 9) Nha Trang; 10) Cu Chi Tunnels; 11) Ba Be National Park; 12) Mekong Delta; 13) Mui Né 14) Phong Nha Caves; 15) Phu Quoc

2. Laos, $30/day

Kuang Si Waterfall || Image by Wassana Lampech from Pixabay

Laos, officially known as Laos People’s Democratic Republic (LPDR). Laos is famous for its natural beauty and caves. This is the best place for those, who are budget travelers but want full enjoyment. There has nothing less, you will get everything in Laos at a cheap price.

Best Places to Visit in Laos

1) Tham Kong Lo; 2) Nong Khiaw; 3) Vientiane; 4) Luang Prabang; 5) Vang Vieng; 6) Bokeo Nature Reserve; 7) Huay Xai; 8) Si Phan Don Islands; 9) Luang Namtha; 10) Wat Phu; 11) Phonsavan; 12) Muang Ngoi Neua; 13) Pakbeng; 14) Muang Xay; 15) Pakse

3. Colombia, $35/day

Ráquira, Colombia || Photo by Michael Barón on Unsplash

Colombia is one of the most incredible destinations in South America. Including Amazon Rainforest and Beaches there are many places to visit in Colombia. This is also safe for travelers, but you have to maintain their tourism roles.

Best Places to Visit in Colombia

1) Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City); 2) Eje Cafetero; 3) Cartagena; 4) Medellin; 5) Tayrona National Natural Park; 6) Bogotá; 7) Providencia Island; 8) Minca; 9) Raquira; 10) Cocora Valley; 11) Leticia (Gateway to the Amazon Rainforest); 12) San Andres Island; 13) Taganga (Best place for Diving); 14) Santa Marta; 15) Caño Cristales

4. Nepal, $28/day

Top Cheapest Countries to Visit in the World. Mount Everest in Nepal
Sagarmatha, Chomolungma, Mount Everest in Nepal | Photo by Andreas Gäbler on Unsplash

Nepal attracts tourist attractions for many reasons. Mount Everest is one of them. Another reason is Nepal is one of the cheapest countries in the world. This is a surprisingly beautiful country. Between October and December is the best time to visit Nepal.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal

5. Indonesia, $25/day

Gili trawangan, gili indah, north lombok regency, west nusa tenggara, indonesia
Gili trawangan, gili indah, north lombok regency, west nusa tenggara, Indonesia | Photo by Tom Bixler on Unsplash

Indonesia! Yes, visiting Indonesia is also cheap. Indonesia is cheaper then Thailand. Indonesia is famous for Bali and its most beautiful Islands. Bali is one of the best tourist attraction in the world. But, Bali is not that cheap. April-October is the best time to visit Indonesia, when the weather is perfect for snorkelling, island-hopping, and beach relaxation.

Best places to visit in Indonesia

1) Bali; 2) Yogyakarta; 3) Komodo National Park; 4) Lombok; 5) Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park; 6) Bukit Lawang; 7) Torajaland; 8) Flores Island; 9) Tanjung Puting National Park; 10) Raja Ampat Islands; 11) Nusa Penida; 12) Bunaken Marine Park; 13) Seminyak; 14) Wae Rebo Village; 15) Kelimutu Lake