“I learned my strengths and my weaknesses. I experienced the exhilaration of the ups and the despairs of the lows and most of the feelings in between… I learned courage and I learned it myself” – Ann Stirk

Only solo travelers know the feelings of traveling alone. I can’t even describe in words my feelings about my solo trip. It was amazing. If you travel alone, you will learn better about yourself. You will be in your own decision. You can connect with people like you. You can go anywhere you want. Start walking and explore, eat, take rest, explore, sleep and again start walking. Now I will try to write down some important tips and advice about solo travel from my own experience and collect from other best websites.

Trust yourself

First, you need to trust yourself. This is most important. If you don’t trust yourself, you can’t travel alone. Because, in this trip, you may not find anyone trustful or maybe no one will help you. Only you can help you. Solo travel is an adventure. You can explore the world and also explore yourself.

Plan in advance

You have no idea, what will happen on the way to your trip. If you don’t plan in advance, you may face big trouble. When you travel alone, you will not find anyone who can help you with money. So, when you plan your trip, keep your budget in mind. Please keep in mind when you are planing:

  1. Your budget
  2. Where you want to go
  3. Where you will stay
  4. What you will eat
  5. Weather
  6. What you will need
  7. What you can carry with you
  8. When you will come back home
  9. Keep backup money source
  10. Your illness

Travel alone but not lonely

When you travel solo, you may alone. But you have many people around you. Keep a smile on your face and try to talk with them. People are more friendly to strangers. You can ask any questions, tell them “This country (or place name) is really beautiful.” and some complimentary phrase. Surprisingly, you will see that they become friends with you and help you more than you thought.

Feel free

Feel free to contact people and ask them any questions. Try to know about their lifestyle. This will be so much fun. You can tell about yourself also, not too much.

Don’t hesitate, do whatever you want to

Do whatever you want to do, don’t think that what others will think. Because they are unknown. They will not see you again. When you left the place they will forget you. So, this is your time to do everything that you can’t do in your area. But don’t break any roles and respect local people and their roles. Don’t hurt them.

Try to enjoy every moment

Visit new places and explore new things. Don’t think too much just enjoy everything and feel the view. Find a lonely place and take a rest.

Explore new places

New places are always good. You can learn new things, connect with new people, explore new things, eat new foods, etc. Try to visit natural places. This will boost your enjoyment.

Try to walk, instead of using vehicles

Walking is the best way to connect with the place. You can enjoy every single moment while walking. This will also save money. Not every place is beautiful. While walking, you can stop walking whenever you see a beautiful landscape and enjoy the view.

Eat healthy foods

If you eat unhealthy foods you will be hospitalized. Don’t eat spicy foods, that will ruin your trip. If you can digest, you can eat. And if you think the stomach will be bad, then don’t eat.

Keep your eyes around you

You are alone on this trip, anyone can harm you. No one will help you. You have to aware and keep your eyes around you. Don’t tell others that you are alone. You may tell that your friends are behind or any other place around you or something else. If you meet any bad people and he/she found that you are week, he/she will harm you.

Share your GPS location with your family member or friends

Before leaving your home, please share your GPS location with your friends or family members. If you or your phone lost, they can track you.

Keep some contact number

Keep local tourist police numbers on your dialing pad and also write on a piece of paper or your notepad. If your phone lost that writing can help you. Also, keep your family member’s number.

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