Spanish is a very popular language in the world. It is the official language in 20 sovereign states and one dependent territory, totaling around 442 million people. In this article, you will find the most used Spanish phrases for travelers.

Name of countries where Spanish is the official or national language: Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Equatorial Guinea, Puerto Rico.

List of countries where Spanish is an official language
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Now you know the importance of learning Spanish. I know that language learning is not that easy. That’s why I suggest you learn only the most used Spanish phrases and also learn this technique. From where you can easily learn the basic phrases with the pronunciation of your favorite destination.

Most used Spanish phrases for travelers

Here are some Spanish phrases that you must need to memorize before making a trip to those countries. Every day you need to use these phrases during your trip.

  1. Hello!, Hi! (¡Hola!) = Ohla!
  2. Ok = Ok
  3. I/Me = yo
  4. yes (sí) = Si
  5. No = No
  6. Thank You = Gracias
  7. Please = Por favor
  8. I am from___ = Yo soy de_____ (America)
  9. Can you speak English? (¿Puedes hablar ingles?) = Poibes ablar inglis?
  10. My name is Smith = Mi nombre es ___
  11. Sorry (Perdón) = Per-thon
  12. I have to go = tengo que ir
  13. Can you speak slowly? (¿Puedes hablar más lento) = Poibes ablar mas lento?
  14. I can’t speak Spanish (No puedo hablar español) = No puedo ablar Espaneol
  15. I don’t understand = No entiendo

Basic Spanish Phrases for questions

Sometimes you need to ask locals to know about places or, something else then you will need to use those words.

  1. Where? (¿Dónde?) = Donde?
  2. What? (¿Qué?) = Key?
  3. When? (¿Cuándo) = Quando?
  4. How? (¿Cómo) = Como?
  5. Why? (¿Por qué)  = Poor key?
  6. How much? = Cuanta? (Female) || (Cuanto? (Male)
  7. Where is ___ (Dónde está ____) = Donde esta ____?

Most used Words

  1. Resort = Recurso
  2. Bus (Autobús) = Aw-to-bos
  3. Train = Tren
  4. Restaurant (Restaurante) = Res-tau-rante
  5. Bathroom (Cuarto de baño) = Cuarto je bainu
  6. Water (Agua) = Aagua
  7. Hospital = Hospital
  8. Fine = Multa
  9. Station (Estación) = Esta-cion
  10. Boat = Barco
  11. Home (Hogar) = Ohgar
  12. Sugar (Azúcar) = Achucar
  13. Price = Precio
  14. Like = Gustar

Most used pronouns

  1. You = usted
  2. He (Él) = El
  3. She (Ella) = Eya
  4. They = Eyas (feminine); Eyos (masculine)
  5. We = Nosotras (feminine); Nosotros (masculine)

Emergency Spanish Phrases

Those phrases will help you during emergencies. If you stay in an area where you may not find anyone who knows English, you may face trouble. At this critical time, these phrases will help you to communicate with others.

  1. Where is the police station? (¿Dónde está la estación de policía?) = Donde esta la estacion de policia?
  2. Where is the hospital? (¿Dónde está el hospital?) = Donde esta el ospital?
  3. I’m lost = Estoy perdido
  4. Can you help me? Please! (¿Me puedes ayudar? ¡Por favor) = Me puebes ayudar? Por favor!
  5. I’m in trouble = Estoy en problemas

Other Spanish phrases

  1. I can eat spicy = Puedo comer picante
  2. I can’t eat spicy = No puedo comer picante
  3. Menu, please! = Menu, por favor
  4. I like it = Me gusta
  5. I don’t like it = No me gusta
  6. That’s expensive = Esso es caro
  7. Can you lower the price? (¿Puedes bajar el precio?) = Puebes bakhar el precio?