All travelers have a dream to visit Maldives. Cause, Maldives is the most beautiful country in the world. But please don’t plan any trip to visit Maldives before knowing about Maldives. I will try to tell you all important things about Maldives

1. “The Maldives” is made up of almost 1,200 small islands

Maldives has almost 1190 individual islands, some of them are so small that won’t even appear on maps.

3. Be respectful of the religion

As Maldives is an Islamic state, when you visit Maldives local islands you have to follow Islamic rules. One of them is, You can’t wear bikinis. But If you want, then you can book resorts on private islands

4. On local Island, You have to follow Islamic rules

As an Islamic country, You have to follow Islamic rules. But you are free in private islands.

6. When is the best time to travel to the Maldives?

December to April is the most popular and also the most expensive time to visit.

7. There are actually four types of islands in the Maldives

a. Resort islands – all-inclusive resorts, villas, overwater bungalows, etc
b. Local islands – like the capital Male, Maafushi, Gan, etc
c. Picnic islands – a small sandbank, usually a few meters wide, where boats stop to have a picnic
d. Uninhabited islands – nobody lives here, and there are about 900 of these in the Maldives!

8. Book in advance for the best deals

If you want cheapest accommodations in the Maldives, book at least a few months before.

10. For Saving money you can use ferry instead of speedboat

Same distance when speedboat take $20, ferry will take $2.

11. Only 1 hour away from Sri Lanka

Maldives is only an hour away from Sri Lanka by plane. If you’re planning to visit Sri Lanka, why not add on a few days in the Maldives?

12. No, you don’t need a visa!

To enter the Maldives no pre-arrival visa is required. But you need to make sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity remaining and that you have a valid ticket out of the Maldives.
Maldives grants 30 days visa-free or visa-on-arrival status to all nations of the world except Indians and Bruneian citizens.

14. Impressive internet connectivity

Given the remote location of the islands, you would expect a somewhat patchy internet connectivity. However, it’s actually not horrific! You can buy a local SIM card at the airport for US$15 and you will get 4 GB of data, or $20 for 17 GB of data. If you’re staying at a private resort, the WI-FI should be fairly stable and available in your room as well as in all the common areas.

15. Peak season is from early December to March but But the peak surf season is the opposite!

June, July or August is the peak surfing season

16. Get used to “Island Time”

Many resorts have their own “island time” to make the most of sunlight hours.

17. The Maldives has outrageously cool marine life

The Maldives has some of the most mind-blowing marine life, with more than 1,000 fish species, 40 species of sharks, dolphins, turtles, tropical fish, manta rays, sting rays, sea turtles and even whale sharks.

19. Climate in Maldives

Maldives has a tropical climate all year round. There are two dominating seasons: Dry season and Wet season.

20. Local currency

Maldives local currency is Rufiyaa (MVR) but you can pay everything is US dollars. 1 US dollar = 15 MVR

22. Use high protections cream

Since Maldives is located so close to the equator, it is possible to burn even on a cloudy day. So you need high factor cream.

23. Imported foods

Most foods are imported, so the food in Maldives are not excellent.

25. Maldivians have the highest literacy percentage in the world

98% of Maldivians can read and write.

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