Maui Ocean Center is one of the world’s top aquariums. Immerse yourself in Hawaii’s underwater world and meet its native creatures. Explore the connection between Hawaiians and the sea, and dive into the world of humpback whales through a mesmerizing, state-of-the-art exhibition. Meet some of Hawaii’s most unique animals and sea creatures, including giant crabs and a variety of fearsome and fascinating shark species.

Maui Ocean Center

What you will get there:

A)) HAWAI‘I’S MARINE LIFE – Explore beneath the surface

1. Day Octopus
2. Smooth Seahorse
3. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle
4. Hawaiian Monk Seal
5. Blacktip Reef Shark
6. Humpback Whale
7. Hawaiian Squirrelfish
8. Hawaiian Turkeyfish
9. Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby
10. Potter’s Angelfish
11. Wrasse Family
12. Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse
and Many more

B)) EXHIBITS – Hawai‘i’s marine life connection

1. LIVING REEF – How many corals can you count? Their Living Reef showcases 40 unique and rare species of Hawaiian corals, ranging from shallow to deep-sea ecosystems.
2. KAHO‘OLAWE – Discover a sacred and storied island, a powerful testament to humans’ capacity for destruction and regeneration.
3. HAWAIIANS AND THE SEA – Celebrate the culture and traditions of the first Hawaiians.
4. TURTLE LAGOON – Say aloha to the honu, their charismatic Hawaiian green sea turtles!
5. HUMPBACKS OF HAWAIʻI EXHIBIT & SPHERE – Explore the realm of the whales in virtual sphere experience.
6. OPEN OCEAN – Take a stroll through the 35-foot long acrylic tunnel as sharks soar above your head. Watch elegant eagle rays turn backflips in a 750,000-gallon Open Ocean tank

Tickets for Maui Ocean Center

What’s included in this ticket
1. Admission to the Maui Ocean Center
2. Opportunity to explore the park at your own pace for up to 2 hours
3. Access to the 3D Sphere Theater (minimum age: 4)
4. Access to the Sphere Experience, an immersive virtual encounter with the humpbacks of Hawaii
5. Free parking on-site

How to go there: Maui Ocean Center 192, Maalaea Rd, 96793, Wailuku

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