I’ve asked many bloggers and they told me they opened a blog and can’t able to continue it. It’s getting hard to continue for one person.

[I’m going to tell you the truth about earning money from a blog site. It took me around 18 days to gather all information and collect answers & feedback to write this post. Although I am a blogger and an IT expert, I had to do more research to share accurate information with you. So take steps after reading the full article.]

Everyone wants to earn money in an easy way. So, sometimes they search on google or YouTube, and those types of posts appear. After watching or reading those posts, people get inspired and want to start a blog without learning or knowing about it.

Those are just clickable thumbnails!

Now I will explain to you step by step with some proof, is it easy to start a blog and earn a lot of money? Or, is there anything wrong? Also, I will share some comments that experts say about starting a blog and earning money.

After reading this post,

  1. You can make a better decision for you
  2. Decide which types of blog suits for you
  3. How much money you can earn
  4. How many days will take to start earning money?
  5. Blog expert suggestions
  6. How many earning opportunities do you have
  7. Finally, what you need to do to start a blog [Not the easiest way, but the real and perfect way to start a blog]

The current competitions

Cyclists are doing competitions like bloggers to earn a lot of money?
Bloggers do competitions like cyclists

First-of-all, I want to explain today’s competitions that you have to face. There are many bloggers and YouTubers on the internet who have started bog already and compete with each other. Every blogger wants to rank higher on Google, and I’m one of them. But the problem is many of them take spam ways to rank higher while others spend time, effort, skills, and money.

In this competition, many bloggers lose their patience and leave the field. So, you need to analyze your competitors before starting a blog.

What do you know?

  1. You are going to start a blog or already started one. Now I’m telling you What do you know? Do you know,
  2. How to manage a blog?
  3. How do analyze your competitors?
  4. Do you have any professional knowledge, which you can share with your audience?
  5. Or, have you any IT skills?
  6. Do you have on-page SEO knowledge? Because just writing is not enough. Without on-page SEO knowledge, your blog will not rank on google.

Ask yourself, what do you know?

Which type of blog you are willing to start?

First, you need to explore what you have inside you. Then select 2-5 blogging niches. If you are a traveler, you can select Travel, and if you have higher education in Accounting, select Accounting and some other niche depending on your experience.

After selecting niches, you need to analyze your competitors and find out how many people search for those niches to learn or know. There are plenty of tools out there to help you like, Google Ads (Totally free), Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.

While selecting the final niche for the blog, consider these things:

  1. Search volume
  2. Competitors
  3. Your Interest
  4. Affiliate opportunities
  5. Sponsorship opportunities

If you don’t know how to use those tools, contact me anytime.

How much can you spend?

Without spending Money, you can't run a blog. It's not that easy to start earning from a blog site.
Without spending Money, you can’t run a blog

You have the knowledge and selected a final niche. Now you need to buy a Domain and hosting, then hire a web developer to create the blog. After creating your blog site, you need to hire a digital marketer to connect your site with google and do some basic marketing.

Now it’s time to write SEO-friendly articles. Then you need to share your posts on different social media platforms. That will not be enough, you need to hire a digital marketer to create backlinks (UPDATE: Paying for backlinks is forbidden by Google) and do other marketing stuff. You also may need to promote your blog through paid advertising.

Spamming in blog

Some bloggers spam to earn a lot of money. While other bloggers write articles with their own ideas and hire a digital marketer to promote their blogs, then the digital marketer does spam to promote blogs.

If you apply spamming techniques on your site, Google will blacklist your site or kick you out of Google then it will be hard to rank on google. Website only ranks while you apply spamming, but it will last for some days only. Be aware of hiring a digital marketer.

Common Spamming in blog sites:

  • Auto Traffic Generate
  • Writing articles with AI tools
  • Spam Backlinking
  • Spam comments on blogs
  • Keywords ranking

I’ve faced 3 of those, but the difficult part is spam backlinking. I’ve hired a digital marketer for backlinking, and he does spam. It’s getting hard for me to remove all spam links. Now I’ve found a new one for this job and he is doing great.

Spamming will take down your site

How much time does it take to start earning from the blog?

It’s difficult to tell about getting profit from a blog. Generally, it will take 3-12 months depending on your articles, keywords, SEO, marketing, writing speed, etc. At this time, you may get google AdSense approval. If you want to earn from affiliates and any other way, you need to grow your audience. It may take more than 1 year approx.

Growing audience is not that easy. You need to engage with your audience all time. Some bloggers hire Social Media Manager to keep connected with their audiences.

How much money you can earn from a blog

Regular bloggers, who are writing alone, do everything on their own, and don’t spend much on the blog can start earning after one year. They can earn $20 from google AdSense, and $100+ from affiliates yearly. It will take time to increase earnings.

What other expert bloggers say about earning from a blog

I’ve asked this question on Facebook blogger groups, Quora, and LinkedIn and got some answers. Here are some of the answers.

  • Cisko: Depends on what you call easy. Blogging is never easy from the beginning. There are lots of setbacks beginners face when blogging so get ready.

YouTube influencers make it seem easy and when things don’t start working out like what you see in your YouTube videos, you begin to doubt yourself if you can actually do it.

This is one of the major reasons people give up within two weeks when starting blogging.

Consistency is always the key in blogging so get ready to stay regular. And always remember that good things don’t come easy.

  • Madhu Kumar C (Digital Marketer): No, it’s not easy to start a blog and earn a lot of money. It requires a lot of effort and time to build a successful blog………
  • Baglera: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of money you can make from blogging will vary depending on your level of experience, website and content quality, and marketing efforts……………
  • Muhammad Faizan: It can be easy or it can be difficult. It’s all depends upon your consistency hard work and passion. If you post your content consistently. You add value to your content, you should make quality content. That would be unique from others. Then it will be high chances for you to become successful in blogging and you can earn a lot of money by blogging.
  • Adeyinka Ezekiel: It’s not easy… You can be successful in it, with hard work, consistency and patient.
  • Chibuzo Akamadu: Oga not a childs play. anybody that tells you is easy a scam…

Here I shared the top answers. After analyzing those answers, we can say blogging is not easy but you can a huge amount of earn money from blogging. It requires perfect planning, hard work, consistency, patience, creativity, and investments. Stay connected with me and contact me if you are willing to start a blog.

How many earning opportunities do you have

Work hard to start earning from blog sites

AdSense: You can earn money by placing AdSense on your site. Generally, you can earn $1-$15 for 1000 visitors, depending on clicks and visitors’ location.

Affiliate: You also can earn money from affiliate programs. You can search best products or services that match your blog niche and use those products or services then tell your audience about them and why they need to buy them. I can earn $20-$150 for 1000 visitors. It depends on product price, commission, and clicks.

Sponsorship: To get sponsorship, you need to generate a niche-based audience on your site. A minimum of 10,000 audiences per month is required. Depends on your clients.

Backlink: Some bloggers sell backlinks to earn money. To sell backlinks you need a minimum of 25 Domain Authority and 5,000-10,000 visitors. But selling backlinks is completely forbidden. If Google finds out, you will be kicked out. Some bloggers do this to earn more money.

Selling Own Products or Services: It is the best way I think to earn money from a blog site. You can sell your own products or services on your site and earn money in this way. Contact me via Instagram to know more.

So, Set your goal, Analyze your competitors & audiences, Find out problems & opportunities, Find out solutions, Work hard, Create value, Sell products or services, and Earn Money.