One of the happiest moments is when we travel with our family. This can’t even explain with words. But If you don’t know the most important things about a family traveling, then you have to suffer on the whole travel. There have some most important tips about family traveling that everyone should know. Please read every point carefully.

Choose your destination carefully

As you are going to travel with your family, You must have to choose your destination carefully. Cause everyone has their own choice. So, You need to discuss with your family then select a destination. Otherwise, some of your family members will bore with this trip. and they don’t really enjoy the trip.

Choose a safe place to travel

When it comes to family, You have to check the destination carefully. If you have kids then don’t always choose a beautiful place. Cause, all beautiful places are not safe for kids. Try to select historical places, parks, museums and zoos.

Prepare them

If you have kids, then tell them about what they will face when travel. Tell them about the place and its roles, Security check on the airport and others.

Pack Medical kits carefully

You have to ensure that you’re fully equipped with a medical kit that has pain-killers, antihistamine cream, antiseptic wipes and plasters, so you don’t find yourself trawling through pharmacies

Book kids friendly hotel to stay

If you have kids then make sure the hotel have all facilities for kids. Some hotel don’t allow kids.

Take photos of your travel documents

So you’ve checked and triple-checked that all of your family’s passports are valid and packed, but it’s a good idea to take a scan or photo of passports, driving licenses and insurance details.

Pick the right season

When you select a destination, you have to keep in mind about season. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy your trip.

Pack familiar toy and a new toy for kids

For small children, bring a familiar toy and a new toy. Crayons and coloring books are always a winner, provided that you don’t let your child color on things that shouldn’t be colored on.

Pack headphone for your kids

If your children use electronic devices PLEASE BRING HEADPHONES! There is nothing more irritating to other passengers than hearing constant noises from your child’s game or movie.

Take first-aid-box

The most important thing one should have during a trip is the first aid box for the worst-case scenario. Small First Aid Box(Paracetamol, Handy plast, small pack of Dettol or Savlon, Cotton, Bandages, Pudin Hara, Anti-Flu tabs, Cipladine, Moov and Avil).

Take easy cooking materials (If you can)

In case the food is not available you can easily cook if you have such cooking materials.

Take chocolates

Chocolates help in making the mood light and also during headaches. Children would love them too.

Keep some dry food with you

Taking dry foods is most important when you go for a family or solo trip. It also helps me a lot. I always take dry foods with me for emergencies.

Take power bank

In the era of technology, a power bank is must.

Take extra phone

This will help you in emergency call

Pack cloth wisely

Clothing according to the weather possibilities and pack cloth by sharing with you family members. Try not to bring extra cloths when you have kids with you.

Pre-book as much as you can

If you want to save your money please try to complete your booking before months.

Try to avoid shopping areas

If you have kids with you try to avoid shopping areas. Kids always want to buy new toys and carrying toys will be difficult.

Use GPS tracking watch to safe your kids

You can use GPS tracking watch to tack your kids. You can always track your kids with your phone.

Share GPS Google Map location to each other

If you share your GPS location from google map to your wife or son or daughter who travel with you. Then you all can easily know others location. If someone separate then others can know him/her location. He/She also can know others locations.

Give Kids Your Contact Information

If your kids have your contact information then they can easily contact with you

Use google translate and memorize some important Key Phrases in the Local Language. Like

I am from _
OkHow do I find the train/metro/bus?
Where is the bathroom?
Can you show me on a map?
Where is?
I’m lost.
Thank you!
Do you speak English? etc.


– Passport
– Cloth
– Phone charger/portable phone charger
– Flip flops (for the hostel bathrooms)
– Water bottle
– Socks
– Underwear
– Sun cream
– Medicines/painkillers
– Waterproof mac
– Walking shoes
– Toothbrush
– Any paperwork you may need

Keep local tourist police contact number

Almost every tourist spots have tourist police. To be safe, You have to keep their contact number and tell them where you will visit.

If you visit other country, Inform your bank

If you don’t inform the bank, then they can block your transactions. They always track transactions. If they found unusual activities, they may block your transactions.

Respect local customs and dress appropriately, always!

This is most important. If you don’t follow local customs and dress, you may face trouble.

Get travel insurance

Travel Insurance covers risks during travel such as loss of passport and personal belonging cover, loss of checked in baggage etc. Having these risks covered ensures an additional layer of protection against financial loss.