We all want to travel and explore the world. But, we can’t go ahead because of the money problem. When we got mode, we have not enough money on our hands. Sometimes, we got money, but we haven’t enough time. Most of us think that we have to be rich to travel. I can’t wait to travel until getting rich. If you are like me, then read this article.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Plan your trip

Planning is the best way to save money. Plan accordingly to your destination. Use cheap transportation and accommodation. Plan about

  1. Transportation cost
  2. Accommodation cost
  3. Attractions fee
  4. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner cost
  5. And other costs

Choose your destination carefully

Some destinations cost more and some cost less. Do some research about the destination. There have many attractions that are really beautiful but cost less. Try to visit nature will cost less. I will write another article about world cheapest country.

Research about your destination

You must have to research your destination. Knowing a little about the country, its people, culture, customs, and food, etc. will save your money. Without research will cost unexpected money.

Chose cheap flight

Flight costs more money if you don’t plan in advance. If you want to travel cheap, then you have to sacrifice little comfort. Extra luggage, Seat together extra facilities cost money. However, You can book from Jetradar for a cheap flight. Booking early morning flights will cost a little less.

Travel in off-season

You will find everything expensive during peak season. You have to spend more money on fewer facilities. Also, All attractions will be crowded, so it is prudent to avoid peak season travel. Prices of airlines, hotels, and food hike up during the peak season.

Travel mid-week

Most people travel on weekends because people are free to travel. That’s why flights, accommodations, resorts, and attractions are more expensive at weekends. Try to complete your trip between Monday-Thursday.

Avoid holidays

Prices of attractions, museums, hotels, airlines, and foods hike up during the school holidays and on occasions like Christmas, Eid and Diwali. Also, you will find everywhere crowded.

Eat local foods

You will find local food at a cheap price. Also, it is better to avoid eating near famous tourist attractions because the food there is inevitably expensive. Cooking your own food can save your dollar.

Collect itineraries from the Airport

Always collect itineraries from the Airport at the tourism counter for free to optimize your traveling experience and go with their recommendations.

Pack Accordingly

Pack everything you need according to weather and destination. Don’t overpack, but it’s important to double check that you take everything you need, not forgetting anything. If you forget something that will cost extra money from your budget.

Walk more

Walking is the best way to boost your enjoyment. You can visit every corner of your selected destination. This also saves your money. But don’t overwalk, look at your health condition.

Book in advance

Instant booking always expensive. Try to book before 2-3 months to get the best rates. Search for offer. Sometimes, hotels offer extra service or reduce costs.

Carry water bottle

Always carry a water bottle along & refill at every restaurant/hotel you stop by. Buying a water bottle every time will raise your expense.

Spend more time in fewer places

Spending more time in fewer places will help you to save money and get your time to enjoy places, people and landscapes. Also, you can learn more about the place and take all advantage.

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