In this article, You will learn how to hire a graphic designer, what to ask, and how to provide requirements in a perfect way. So that the designer can easily complete your design with 100% satisfaction.

Hey there! I’m Mubashwir, a professional graphic designer. I’ve 7+ years of experience in this field. I have done several types of graphic designing projects during this time, like logos, Posters, Banner, Signboards, flyers, Business Card, Social Media Design, Photo Editing, magazines, etc.

When working with my online clients, I’ve faced several problems. I have noticed that I can easily satisfy those clients who can send me all requirements perfectly. But, It’s hard to satisfy those who can’t be able to provide me all requirements perfectly. In this article, I will share everything about hiring a perfect graphic designer for your travel blog site, YouTube channel, and other business.

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REMEMBER: Design is not the illustration that you see. There have some hidden things in a design, a message, and many more. If you have enough budget, then I recommend you hire a professional or a brand designer. If you need any support for hiring a professional, contact me anytime.

STEP#1: Prepare your requirements

First, you need to prepare your requirements. Note down what you want to design. Share your idea. Otherwise designer will create with their idea that you might not like. Try to include those points.

Logo Design

  • Logo Name (Company, Store, or Organisation Name)
  • Slogan or motto
  • Brand Color (If you have any) or color choice
  • If you have any ideas, share them (You also can scratch your idea)
  • Tell a bit about your business and for which reason you want to design the logo
  • Where the logo will be used for
  • And other things that you want

Social Media Design

  • Social Media Name
  • Where you will use it (Profile or cover or post)
  • Color choice
  • Prepare all texts
  • Company logo, name, etc. (If you want)
  • If you have any images that you want on the design, share those
  • Ask if the designer needs anything else
  • What do you want to design, like a banner, poster, flyer, etc.?
  • Size
  • Color choice
  • Include all texts
  • Company Name and Logo (If you want)
  • Images that you want on the design (If you have them, send them or tell your designer to download them)
  • Ask if the designer needs anything else

STEP#2: Price Range

Logo Design

A logo is very important for a company, blog, or any type of business. It is like an identity of a company. If you are hiring a logo designer for your blog site, then keep your budget from $50-$100, and for a local shop, keep $30-$80. If you are going to start a small business, keep $80-$350, based on your audience size.

You can hire a logo designer from Fiverr for $15-$200

For a company, I prefer you to hire a brand designer and discuss with the designer about pricing.

Social Media Design

If you want to hire a social media designer from Fiverr and other marketplaces, you must keep your budget from $5-$50 per post or cover. The more posts you want to design, the price will be that less. Like, you can design 15 posts for $50-$150 in a month package (Based on the design difficulty). The same price will also be applied to website banners, thumbnails, etc.

It’s hard to tell you about the print media design price range. But, any designer who charges below $15 is definitely not a good designer. The quality will be very bad. There have many things to keep in mind when creating a print design.

STEP#3: Where to find a right graphic designer

There have several marketplaces where you can find a graphic designer. You can also hire a designer from your friend’s recommendation. Here I will try to discuss some options. You can choose the best one for you.

  1. Recommendation

    If you know a person who has already hired a designer and is satisfied with the design, I suggest you hire that designer. Because there are many designers on marketplaces and other online platforms who are not qualified.

  2. Marketplace Like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer

    Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer are the popular marketplace for any type of remote work. You can hire a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Digital Marketer, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry Specialist, Accountant, Programmer, Video Editor, etc. from those marketplaces.

    If you want to hire a graphic designer from Fiverr, Open the link, then create an account. After creating an account, search for graphic designers, and check their profiles, reviews, and online status. Then, choose some designers, and contact them if any designer can fulfill your requirements. Note: Don’t hire any designer before contacting them.

    If you are new, then search for a designer who has 3 to 80 (4.8+ star) reviews. Because, you can get a cheaper price, fast work done, and personal connection buildup for future work. Also if you are not happy with the design, you can ask him/her to change the design until you got satisfied.
    But, if you hire a high-rated designer, you may not get those opportunities.

    Problems of hiring from those marketplaces:
    If you want to hire a designer for $40, You need to pay an extra service charge to those marketplaces almost {$2+(40*5.5%)}=$4.2. Also, they will cut 20% from the designer. So you need to pay almost $44.2 and the designer will get $32 only. That’s why some designers and buyers moved to Behance and LinkedIn and work directly.

  3. LinkedIn

    Nowadays LinkedIn is being popular for hiring workers, designers, developers, editors, writers, etc. You can easily find a graphic designer on LinkedIn. Search for designers, visit their profiles, know their work experience, and ask for portfolio work. If you like, then tell them your requirements. Go for a test project and then the final project. Build your relationship with the designer.
    Before starting to work, discuss payment methods. Because some of them do not have a proper payment method.

  4. Behance

    Behance is a platform where graphic designers showcase their portfolio work. You can go to Behance and search for a graphic designer, visit their profile, and contact them to hire. Many companies hire designers from Behance for long-term projects or fixed jobs.

STEP#4: How to find a right graphic designer

Okay, You know what to ask, what to provide, the price range, and where to find a graphic designer. Now, I’m assuming that you have prepared all requirements and going to hire a graphic designer.

  1. Firstly, think about your budget and what you are going to design
  2. If you are low on budget, hire from Fiverr
  3. Hire designers from Fiverr for a one-time small project
  4. For long-term and larger projects, try to hire directly from LinkedIn, Behance, or other platforms.
  5. Do a test project and check portfolio work and payment methods before hiring directly
  6. After completing the project, tell the designer to provide you with all required files with the source file.
  7. For low-budget projects, you may not get the source file

What is Source File in Graphic Design?

Source files are most important in the graphic designing field. Source files are the main files which have used to create the design. If you have the source file, you can edit and change any color, text style, or any other things in the future.

It’s necessary to take the source file for logo design. Without the source file, it will be hard to use your logo anywhere you want, like a banner, poster, post design, business card, website, etc.

Remember, hiring an experienced graphic designer may be costly, but the quality of the design will be good.

Now, you can hire a graphic designer from where ever you want. But, still, you are confused, I’m always here for you. Don’t hesitate, just nock me. I will be there to help you.

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