Here are some Vietnamese phrases for travelers you must memorize before making a trip to Vietnam. Every day you need to use these phrases during your trip.

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Vietnamese girl learning Vietnamese phrases for travel
Common Vietnamese Phrases for Travelers

Common Vietnamese Phrases for Travelers

  1. Hello!, Hi! (Xin chào!) – Sing chaao!
  2. Ok (Được) – Doak
  3. I – Toii
  4. Me – Toi
  5. Yes (Vâng) – Vang
  6. No – Khong
  7. Thank You – Cam onn
  8. Please (Xin vui long) – Sing vui long
  9. I am from _______ – Toi den tu ______
  10. Can you speak English? (Bạn có thể nói tiếng Anh không?) – Bạn co te noi tieng Ang khong?
  11. My name is _____ – Toi ten la _______
  12. Sorry (Xin lỗi) – Sin loii
  13. I have to go -Toi phai di
  14. Can you speak slowly? – Bạn cothe noi chap lại khong?
  15. I don’t understand – Toi khong hieu

Basic Vietnamese Phrases for Questions

Sometimes you need to ask locals to know about places or, something else then you will need to use those words.

  1. Where? – O dauo?
  2. What? (Gì?) – Gii? (Sounds like almost chii)
  3. When? – Khii?
  4. How? – Lam saoo?
  5. Why? – Tai saoo?
  6. How much? – Baonhieuo?
  7. Where is ___? – ___(Here you can use English nouns instead of Vietnamese. Then o dauu. Most of them understand)____ o dauu?

Most Used Vietnamese Words

Those words can be used in English. So, it’s not mandatory to memorize the first 7 words.

  1. Resort – Khungi maat
  2. Bus (Xe buýt) – Se buyt
  3. Train (Xe lửa) – Se lua
  4. Restaurant – Quan an
  5. Bathroom – Fong tam
  6. Water – Nooc uong
  7. Hospital (Bệnh viện) – Beng vien
  8. Fine – khoe
  9. Station – Chaamp
  10. Boat – Con thuyen
  11. Home (Nhà) – Nah
  12. Sugar – Duong
  13. Price (Giá bán) – jaa bann
  14. Like (Giống) – Jong
  15. Love – Yeuo va quyee

Most used Vietnamese pronouns

  1. You – Baan
  2. He (Anh ta) – Ang taa
  3. She – Co ayee
  4. They – Họ.
  5. We – chung toii

Emergency Vietnamese Phrases for Travelers

Those Vietnamese phrases will help you during emergencies. If you stay in an area where you may not find anyone who knows English, you may face trouble.

  1. Where is the police station? – Don caang sat o dauu? Or, police station o dauu?
  2. Where is the hospital? (Bệnh viện ở đâu?) – Beng vie o dauu? hospital o dauu?
  3. I’m lost (Tôi bị lạc) – Toi be laak
  4. Can you help me? Please! (Bạn có thể giúp tôi được không? Xin vui lòng!) – Ban cote jup toi duo khong? Sing vui long!
  5. I’m in trouble (Tôi đang gặp rắc rối) – Toi dang gap jac joi (“J” almost sounds like “c”)
  6. I need to go to_____ – Toi can den _____ (Toi can den Hospital)
  7. I need to go home – Toi can ve nha

Other Vietnamese phrases to know

  1. I can eat spicily (Tôi có thể ăn cay) – Toi cothe an caii
  2. I can’t eat spicily (Tôi không thể ăn cay) – Toi khong te an caii
  3. That’s expensive (Đắt đó) – Dat douu
  4. I like it (tôi thích nó) – Toi thic noo
  5. I don’t like it (Tôi không thích nó) – Toi khong thic no
  6. Can you lower the price? (Bạn có thể giảm giá không?) – Ban cote jam ja khong?

Memorize those Vietnamese phrases before making a trip to Vietnam. For other information, read our Vietnam blogs.