Here are some common Turkish phrases you need to memorize before making a trip to Turkey. Every day you need to use these phrases during your trip. Here You can learn basic Turkish with English words. This is a different way of learning foreign languages.

Interior of Ayasofya, Istanbul. Common Turkish phrases for travelers.
Interior of Ayasofya, Istanbul (Also called Hagia Sophia

To pronounce those words correctly, use Google Translate. You can buy this language translator as well. This translator will translate almost 40 languages including Turkish.

Common Turkish phrases for travelers

  1. Hello!, Hi! – Merhaba!
  2. Ok – Tamam
  3. I – Ben
  4. Me – Ben
  5. yes (Evet) – Evech
  6. No – Numara
  7. Thank You (Teşekkürler) – Teshekkulesh
  8. Please – Lutfen
  9. I am from Canada – Canadaliyam
  10. Can you speak English? (İngilizce konuşbiliyor musunuz?) – ingiliz je konus biliyor musunuch?
  11. My name is Smith (benim adım Smith) – benim adom Smith
  12. Sorry (Afedersiniz) – Afedeisinich
  13. I have to go – Gitmek zorundayim
  14. Can you speak slowly? – Yovas konus sabilir missin?
  15. I don’t understand – Anlam yourum

Basic Turkish Phrases for questions

Sometimes you need to ask locals to know about places or, something else then you will need to use those words.

  1. Where? (Neresi?) – Neresse
  2. What? – Ne?
  3. When? – Ne zaman?
  4. How? – Nasil?
  5. Why? – Neden? Niye?
  6. How much? (Ne kadar?) – Ne kadash?
  7. Where is ___? – ____ Nerede?

Most used Turkish Words

  1. Resort (Dinlenme tesisi) – Dinlenme tesise
  2. Bus – Otobüs
  3. Train (Tren) – Tiran
  4. Restaurant – Restoran
  5. Bathroom – Banyo
  6. Water – Su
  7. Hospital (Hastane) – Hostane
  8. Fine – iyi
  9. Station – istasyon
  10. Boat – Bot
  11. Home – Ev
  12. Sugar (Şeker) – Sekesh
  13. Price – Fiyat
  14. Like (Beğenmek) – Beyanmek
  15. Love (Aşk) – Ashk

Most used Turkish pronouns

  1. You – Sen
  2. He/ She – O
  3. They (Onlar) – Onlash
  4. We – Biz

Emergency Turkish Phrases for Travelers

Those phrases will help you during emergencies. If you stay in an area where you may not find anyone who knows English, you may face trouble. At this time, these phrases will help you to communicate with others.

  1. Where is the police station? – Polis karakolug erede?
  2. Where is the hospital? (Hastane nerede?) – Hostane nerede?
  3. I’m lost (Kayboldum) – Kaii boldom
  4. Can you help me? Please! (Bana yardımcı olabilir misiniz? Lütfen!) – Bana yardemje olabilir missinich? Lutfen!
  5. I’m in trouble – Zor durumdayim
  6. I need to go to___= ___(Here you can use English nouns instead of Turkish. Then gitchmem gerek. Most of them understand) ___ gitmem gerek
  7. I need to go home (eve gitmem lazım) – Evii gitchmem laazom

Other Turkish phrases to know

  1. I can eat spicily – baharatli yiyebilirim
  2. I can’t eat spicily – baharatli yemek yiyemiyorum
  3. I like it (Beğendim) – Beyandim
  4. I don’t like it (hoşuma gitmedi) – hoshuma gitmede
  5. That’s expensive (Bu pahalı) – Bu pahale
  6. Can you lower the price? (Fiyatı düşürebilir misin?) – Fiyate dushurebilir missin?

Memorize those Turkish phrases before making a trip to Turkey. I think in this way you all can quickly learn foreign languages. That’s why I use this method on my blogs.

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