Here are some common Italian phrases you need to memorize before making a trip to Italy. Every day you need to use these phrases during your trip. Here You can learn basic Italian with English words. This is a different way of learning foreign languages.

Common Italian phrases for travelers. Rialto Bridge, Venezia, Italy
Rialto Bridge, Venezia, Italy

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Common Italian phrases for travelers

  1. Hello!, Hi! (Ciao!) – Chao!
  2. Ok – Ok
  3. I (io) – eeo
  4. Me – Me
  5. Yes (sì) – Chi
  6. No – No
  7. Thank You (grazie) – Garazzie
  8. Please – per favore
  9. I am from____- vengo dal___
  10. Can you speak English? – Parla inglese?
  11. My name is Smith (Mi chiamo Smith) – Me chiamo Smith
  12. Sorry – spiacente
  13. I have to go – devo andare
  14. Can you speak slowly? – Puoi parlare lentamente?
  15. I don’t understand – Non capisco

Basic Italian Phrases for questions

Sometimes you need to ask locals to know about places or, something else then you will need to use those words.

  1. Where? – Dovee?
  2. What? (Che cosa?) – Khe cosa?
  3. When? (quando?) – qhuando?
  4. How? (Come?) – khomee?
  5. Why? (Come mai?) – khomee mai?
  6. How much? (Quanto?) – Khuanto?
  7. Where is ___ (Dov’è la) – Dovee la____

Most used Italian Words

  1. Resort – Ricorrere
  2. Bus (Autobus) – aaotobus
  3. Train – treno
  4. Restaurant – Ristorante
  5. Bathroom (Bagno) – Bangnio
  6. Water (Acqua) – Aacqua
  7. Hospital – Ospedale
  8. Fine – bene
  9. Station (stazione) – stacchione
  10. Boat – barca
  11. Home (Casa) – Khasa
  12. Sugar (zucchero) – zukhero
  13. Price – prezzo
  14. Like, Love – piace, aamore

Most used Italian pronouns

  1. You (Voi) – Vui
  2. He/ She – lui/ lei
  3. They – esse (feminine), essi (masculine)
  4. We – Noi

Emergency Italian Phrases for Travelers

Those phrases will help you during emergencies. If you stay in an area where you may not find anyone who knows English, you may face trouble. At this critical time, these phrases will help you to communicate with others.

  1. Where is the police station? (Dov’è la stazione di polizia?) – Dove la stacchione di politcchia?
  2. Where is the hospital? (Dov’è l’ospedale?) – Dove lospidale?
  3. I’m lost (Mi sono perso) – Me sono perso
  4. Can you help me? Please! (Mi potete aiutare? Per favore!) – Me potite iutare? Per favore!
  5. I’m in trouble – Sono nei guai
  6. I need to go to_____ – Devo andaree a__(Here you can use English nouns instead of Italian. Most of them understand)
  7. I need to go home (ho bisogno di andare a casa) – Obii jonnio dii andariaa kasa

Other Italian phrases to know

  1. I can eat spicily (Posso mangiare picante) – Posso manjare piccante
  2. I can’t eat spicily (Non posso mangiare picante) – Non posso manjare piccante
  3. I like it (mi piace) – me piace
  4. I don’t like it (non mi piace) – non me piace
  5. That’s expensive – E caro
  6. Can you lower the price? – Puoi abbassare il pretcho?

Memorize those Italian phrases before making a trip to Italy. I think in this way you all can quickly learn foreign languages. That’s why I use this method on my blogs.

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